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Our specialty is property renovations in and around Barcelona. We operate with an experienced and well-trained international team of architects, interior designers, project managers, and lawyers. We work together with several proven building companies and material suppliers and manage around 40 projects yearly.


Clients are 50% property investors and 50 % private owners who like working with us because we offer a high standard of finishing, don't cut any corners, work on time, within budget, and without any surprises afterward. Our clients also prefer contracting us because we are creative and flexible.

Renovate Manager started in 2014 out of frustration of not finding a good and honest building company here in Barcelona. After having some really bad experiences ourselves with local builders, architects, and material suppliers we decided that if we want to have and offer quality renovations and services it is better we set up our own property renovation management brand. The startup was not easy but we learned most from making our own mistakes in the past. It made us where we are now.

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